The brilliance of the universe

The brilliance of the universe. Now you know how the universe works, a polarity between being and not being, it reveals how genius it is. It just can’t be simpler, take ‘being’ and ‘not being’ as two ingredients and throw them into the universe and look what happens. You’ll get the big bang and the whole evolution with our great nature and diversity and splendor. It’s so ingenious simple put together and it’s so obvious and just. Being and not being cover everything already, there is no God above it. What an immeasurable brilliant and intelligent system and we are in the middle of it, our own conscious is this being inside not being, inside a physical body of being standing in heaven which is the not being. And they say above it is a higher dimension and another, going on endlessly. There’s no God punishing us, we get punished by our own mistakes when we do not keep balance. Everything needs to be stable as they stand out under pressure with heaven and when things lose balance then they’ll break down. When you eat too much or too little, then you might get sick. Everything is about balance and the void is our boss, we need to respect the void and keep all things in balance. When we don’t then we get failure, quite a fair system of justice.

Unification fits on everything except…..

Unification really fits on everything, all of nature and science. It explains why you have hair on your head or why you have five fingers or why the sun burns or why the moon Is round. It explains how many stars there are or why electrons are that tiny. It explains why you have two hands or a spider six legs or why a bird has four toes. It explains why stuff falls on the floor or why water is transparent or why metals are shiny. It explains why a goat is like a goat or a monkey like a monkey or a hippo like a hippo. It explains all behavior of matter and the shapes and movements and colors and characters. Unification fits on everything, really on everything except on……..the expectations of unification. Because how the universe works is ridiculously simple, it is simpler as a circle being a circle and a square being a square. This dot . stands in difference from the background, the difference causes tension and that’s why the dot, or the particle makes itself as tiny as possible and moves really fast and leans against others and follows the billions of years of evolution to find a higher and higher balance. This incredible simple is how the universe works, a stupid simple polarity between two entities. And this doesn’t resemble the unimaginable heavy expectations of Grand Unification. How do you unify gravity with magnetism? Impossible, the human brain just isn’t intelligent enough! The smartest professors can’t find unification, really super smart people, one after the other been looking for centuries and they can’t find the solution. The whole world goes to school now and learns physics and math and all kinds of science for years to study on. And these school kids don’t understand anything of the complex math and physics them professors at the universities use. Let alone that any of them school kids, let alone unschooled or low-schooled people even dare to dream they could ever understand the universe. No, that is only for really clever professors. And that is how our society has grown into a state of mind thinking the truth is impossible and that we have to be modest and work very hard. But the truth is very simple and anyone can understand it, it fits on everything but not on the heavy expectations science has created.

Is Earth the dumbest planet?

Is Earth the dumbest planet in the universe? Now you know how incredible simple the cosmos is, you also know how stupid we are. Our entire society is built on the search for truth, a truth no one supposedly can find. A truth which is supposedly incredible complex, because the smartest professors can’t find it. So it has to be extremely complicated, because if it was simple, then they would have discovered it, right?

Absolutely not , truth is really dumb simple and the fact that science skips simplicity has made our society the stupidest ever. The final truth is a balance, just like between a man and a woman, but science still looking today in the year 2014, for a truth that should sit at the end of a road. The option truth being a balance is excluded, let alone it coming together inside of yourself, truth has to lay outside. What else are you a scientist for, you’re looking after something aren’t you? And everyone trusts these scientists, they are really super smart.

This has made Earth the most extreme planet ever, because everything has gone out of control. We’re are capable to build jumbo jets and fighter jets, but don’t see what causes gravity. We’re all involved in some sort of competition over the whole planet, who has the most money or who is the smartest or strongest, all because we don’t know the final answer is a balance. It could be anything, so let’s compete to be sure we’re doing the right thing! And this has really grown on us, everyone is really competing everyone, all nations against all nations, it is truly madness. And no one sees the source of all this misery is actually science refusing to see the universe is a balance.

Aliens: “Personal property is an indication of a very primitive level of culture. We had enough intelligence to build rockets, but not enough to see that the laws of the survival of the fittest and the law of strongest must be abolished. Perhaps I could explain to them how I thought we could survive with such a system. Because though ours was a highly interesting system, what they had found here in discrimination beat anything that they had ever encountered before.”

And Bashar calls us ‘Masters of limitation’. We limit and border ourselves to the extreme and next duel each other within those limits. And how the Earth is the only planet in the universe where humans believe in a God, a God that doesn’t exist and stands separated from themselves above them.

You now know unification and now you know how incredible stupid we been to never see it before and how our entire society has gone out of hand. Because the universe is a balance, but because science refuses to see, is our society far from a balance, as Bashar says:

“Allow yourselves, therefore, to simply recognize that you are the Masters of Limitation. No other civilization that we have come across has so intensely focused themselves in limitation as have you; so you are the masters. Allow yourselves to recognize that your choice to experience such extensive limitation means you knew you were strong enough to do it. Let that be an indication of the extent of your power.”

Earth is the steepest planet. And he tells about the catapult effect, that even though we are far behind into the dark, when we do come to see the light, we be launched far into the light like a catapult.

  • Earth is the most extreme planet in the universe, no other gone that far off in its own narrow vision, without seeing the simple truth at the surface
  • Earth is the most divided planet between rich and poor, smart and stupid, big and small countries, etc.
  • No other planet in the universe has inhibits believing in a non existing God

Where does man come from?

Where does the man come from? Science been looking for centuries, has he been created by a God? Has he evolved from an ape? And why does the man does as he does, why does he run around and all, what for? Science searches for an answer and digs and digs. Science has dissected and disassembled man. Science has found out he consists of molecules and atoms, really small particles. And now they place them really small particles into giant machines that spin them around and make them collide into each other, to find if there are even smaller particles behind it. Where does the man come from, the answer has to be behind one of them particles.

Place the woman next to it! And you got the answer. That’s where the man comes from, that’s why he runs around, that’s why he does what he does. Place heaven next to matter and you get the answer. That’s where matter comes from, that’s why matter moves as it does. Universe appears to be a balance between man and woman, between matter and heaven, between being and not being. No use digging any deeper, the answer is right at the surface in everything you see around you.

The immaterial revolution

An unimaginable big revolution. The discovery of the immaterial structure behind the material. In one strike the whole material world explained and understood. Place matter in polarity with heaven and everything explains itself, the material world unfolds itself and the immaterial world behind it reveals itself. For centuries and centuries, thousands of years mankind been looking for the answer, for thousands of years humans believed in a God, for thousands of years human has researched nature. And then it appears that everything is a stupid simple balance, really an absurd simple balance, just like between a man and woman. The whole universe appears to be working like that, from start to end. And still you won’t believe it, but it fits and explains everything, anyone can verify it, anyone awake can grasp it. The earth is round because it stands in heaven, a toddler can get it. And it is real, still when I type this and the outside world still doesn’t know this and thinks the truth is impossible and the most clever professors are looking for it, piece by piece…maybe in the year 2140 we’ll discover the truth! But the truth isn’t difficult at all and not even new, it is exactly like Taoism, all matter obeys heaven. And if this comes out, hopefully during my lifetime, because it appears to be incredible hard to get something out against all expectations, then the shock will be enormous. Like the human brain awakes again, finally the human mind Is capable again to understand things, finally the dots connect again. Everything around us understood, what an enlightenment. This is the biggest revolution, of understanding and alignment between our spirit and the outside world. And with it the entire technological revolution of finally understanding life and nature. There is a layer behind the solid matter, an immaterial structure of being inside not being. And this explains the physical outside world. And this immaterial layer stands above the physical, it is stronger. The consciousness stands above the world. With the knowledge of the immaterial structure you can control the matter. You understand what causes energy, you understand now why everything looks the way it does. We can take control over life now ourselves and produce energy. The human will reach the almighty state, that’s how big this revolution is. And it is the start of an independent planet fully in balance, where humans can finally grow spiritually and doesn’t have to worry about material things.

There is no God

There is no God, finally proof that God doesn’t exist. Or rather a complete explanation of the universe without needing a God for it. You can explain the complete physical world with fully provable logic by placing matter in polarity with heaven. All behavior of matter explained, with the final conclusion that the universe consists of two entities, matter and heaven, or man and woman, being and not being. The cosmos appears to be an Omni Creative balance of two extremes that cover everything that IS and what ISN’T. Just like you don’t need a God to create children, but a man and a woman, you don’t need a God to create a universe. What you need to create an universe are two entities of ‘being’ and ‘not being’. What comes out next is matter standing in full polarity with heaven and explodes because of this and splits up into the tiniest bits and follows the endless long evolution to find a continues better balance of being standing in full difference with not being. The universe is an Omni Creative balance of two entities that cover everything. It is explainable, it is logic, it is provable, it fits perfect and there is no God involved. We are God ourselves, our consciousness, who we are, that with what I write these words, is the same as what created whole universe. I’m just a small slice of it. God is all that IS and what ISN’T, literally. So no man with a beard, no fantasy, no believe, but research and logic of cause and effect and being absolute sure.

Earth is not flat

Earth is not flat, it is round. They used to be sure that it would be flat, if you would go too far away, you would fall off. Sounds pretty insane right? Yet current science is still looking for an answer like the earth is flat. Because they think that the whole universe is matter and is looking for a particle behind every other particle. Like you walking down a long road on a flat earth looking for the answer. But the earth isn’t flat, it is round, you wind up back at yourself if you go search. Just like that with the whole universe, you can search what you like, but eventually you wind up back at yourself. Because the earth is round cause it’s standing inside heaven, it is an Omni Creative balance together. Just like that science is wasting its time looking for the edge of everything, outside itself. When the earth is round, when the final truth is a balance and eventually you wind up back at yourself. This ridiculous stupid science is still today, just as stupid when they thought the earth is flat. Just like that science refuses to see why the earth is round, refuses to see that the cosmos is a polarity, between matter and heaven, just like between a man and a woman, coming eventually together inside yourself.

Taoism is unification in science

How incredible dumb can a society be, when a whole planet supposedly responsible for its own existence trying to do this in the best way possible. You would expect science to be responsible to research the truth. For centuries and centuries man been looking for the truth upto the 21th century where we got mobile phones and flatscreen tv’s and fighterjets and then it appears that how the cosmos works has already been discovered 2500 years ago, a stupid simple balance. Just like the balance between a man and a woman, this is everything already complete, this is how the universe works. Two opposite entities that cover everything, being and not being, heaven and matter, woman and a man. Together they are able to create children, from scratch, together it is complete. This is exactly Taoism, exactly like Confucius or Loa Tzu described it and a lot better as I ever could. They describe the way of being, being which is standing inside heaven. Being underneath heaven, this is what beingness obeys to. It fits perfectly and exactly on our physical laws, you place heaven in difference with matter and you understand where the tension comes from. Matter is standing with all its mass in complete difference from heaven, which is a real field. And that’s why the matter explodes and makes itself as tiny as possible and moves like madness and goes through billions of years of evolution to find a higher balance. It is perfect, it is excellent, sublime, unbelievable simple and infinitive intelligent, what a system. And our scientists didn’t see it, they kept looking along the extend of matter itself, like there has to be another particle explaining the first. That everything is a balance, didn’t cross any scientist mind, because the balance would come around at yourself, when a scientist looks always away from himself and analyses everything away from self. And of course the fact that unification has become the highest emotional discovery ever, which makes it almost impossible for anyone looking for it. But unification appears childish simple and isn’t even new, it’s exactly like Taoism, except back then they didn’t know anything about molecules and atoms and now we do.