Worked half a year to make a video on the mechanism of the mind. I had never ever seen an animation, a visual explanation of the cause of trauma and how to heal trauma. Psychiatry is total nonsense? I’ve never heard anyone ever in the world having a problem solved by a psychiatrist, they just stigmatize and drug people or talk for ages to correct wrong behavior. But they never truly heal unconscious trauma, they don’t know how and i think they think it would be a miracle. They think mental problems are different as physical illness and they think it’s a matter of discipline? You hear people like Howard Stern talk 3 times a week with a shrink for years and come to a conclusion like he started to work for the radio, because his father did. Wow, what a genius shrink, i think they’re frauds and abuse people with problems, often drive them to suicide. Trauma is real and can happen real easy and everyone is walking around with piles of trauma, stuck in the unconscious and this planet still hasn’t figured out how to heal trauma. It’s not mental, it’s physical, healing depression is the same as healing bad eyesight or migraine, it’s all the spirit being blocked. I wanted a visual explanation and thought it should be possible, though i had never ever seen one. When a car breaks down, there’s a logical 3D physical cause you can point at and can be fixed to make the car drive again. It should be possible to also pinpoint the reason of all illnesses, mental or physical, with a logical line of cause and effect and visual explanation. I had never seen a visual animation, so i made one myself, it might be the first in the world. It won’t heal people watching it, but i think i covered the basics and opened up new perspective. Science has to learn we’re spirits and see everything from the spirit, instead of the brain. Then problems become 3D with a dynamic of cause and effect and you can work to lift trauma.