Grand Unification in physics, unifying the four physical forces with one and the same cause, doesn’t limit itself to just that. The model that explains the physic forces, fits on everything, the whole universe. It explains all behavior of matter, from the Big Bang to the complete evolution of matter up to us humans. It all has an exact structure of cause and effect, from why things are round, to shapes and colors, everything can be explained with this polarity model. The model of ‘Being’ and ‘Not Being’, Matter and Heaven, Man and Woman. Heaven is what they used to call the empty sky all around us. These are the two ingredients that fill up the entire universe, everything that IS and everything that ISN’T, as two tangible entities that cover everything. Being is standing in total polarity with not being, the matter stands in total polarity with heaven, and this difference is what causes the tension. 


Starting with the Big Bang, the beingness comes out and stands in difference from the not being. A total opposition causing gigantic tension. That’s why the being explodes, splits up and makes itself as tiny as possible. The amount of matter coming out is what embodies the word ‘Being’, an incredible amount, 100 x 100 billion stars.


Beingness spits up and becomes as tiny as possible, upto 0,0000000000001mm even, unbelievable tiny. Because its whole mass stands in total difference from the field of ‘Not Being’, so how smaller, the less the difference, the less the tension.

 zise atom

Beingness has split up and becomes as tiny as possible and is slowed down by the field around, which makes it clench into mass with a time line in a 3D space.


And even though it has adapted, its whole mass is still standing in total difference with the ‘void’ around, heaven and that’s why its mass is equal to the pressure, to the energy: E=mc2.


So energy is the tension matter endures because it’s standing in complete difference from the field around. Just like this dot   .   stands in difference from background.


What can such a particle do to get stable and find balance? It will lean against others. A particle alone stands in total difference with the field around, but it finds stability when it will lean against another particle with the same problem. With three of them together, it’s even more stable. With unimaginable force three particles lean against each other and form a proton or neutron and the neutrons and protons themselves form even bigger atoms leaning against each other. Physics calls this strong nuclear force and still has no idea what causes this force. In the meantime they made up ‘gluons’, imaginary particles that supposedly glue those fundamental particles together. But no glue could ever be that strong, because what keeps these particles together is the biggest difference possible, the one between matter and heaven.

The particles can’t just stand anywhere actually, because every other position gives a different tension. The pressure is so big that no particle can stand in the center, that’s why they stand in a sort of split, either down or up. If they stand south, then they’re trying to get back up and pull everything towards themselves. This is what physics calls a negative tension. If the particle is standing north, then it will be trying to get back down and pushes everything away. This is what physics calls a positive tension. This explains electricity and magnetism. The immaterial magnetic fields show matter used to be immaterial too, but because with the polarity with heaven been pressed together into solid mass. The immaterial magnetic fields are a reflection of the split position under pressure with heaven. This explains electromagnetism. amazing-lightning-sAnother force is the weak force, the decay of atoms. This again can be explained because matter is under constant pressure, because it’s standing in complete polarity with the ‘void’, heaven. This pressure can lead to the decay of atoms in the long run.


And the fourth force for Grand Unification is gravity. How can things just fall on the floor, when there is nothing between a rock and the ground. What is pulling the rock? Are they mysterious particles called ‘gravitons’? No, it is because the rock and the Earth both stand in total difference and under pressure with heaven. Just because the Earth is much bigger as the rock, it creates sort of gap and takes away the tension for the rock, which falls to earth because of that. Works with every other polarity between two things both standing in difference with the field around, Both are under pressure and the smaller will fall towards the bigger because of the pressure around, because of the polarity.


This is Grand Unification in physics, four physical forces explained by the same cause. But it explains a lot more, like I explained why particles are that tiny or what causes energy. But also Van der Waals force, why do molecules clutter together?


Without static electricity or gravity or nuclear force influence the molecules, they still tend to clutter together, why? Because even though they are stable, they still totally stand in difference with heaven, and thus under pressure and thus they will tend to clutter together for more stability.

Or why things are round.


Round shapes take the least space. So there is an exact reason why things are round, it’s because everything literally stands in difference with the field around. That’s why everything is under pressure and a round shape is the most efficient inside that.

003-cecropia-moth1Symmetry has a reason too. The same as why the first particles lean against each other, is why things are symmetrical. Because if they stand alone, they would stand in total difference with the surrounding field. If they stand against each other, they become stable. Symmetry is because one half leans against another half together in balance, because individually they stand out.

bird_tropical_bird_color_tree_kjhkjsitkjhkjh_40473_1920x1080Colors are no accident either, there is an exact reason for every color. Every color reflects a certain position. Every other position gives a different pressure and different vibration, so also a different color. The pressure is caused by the polarity with heaven and the difference between matter and heaven comes together in the center of any particle or body. And from there every other position has a different tension and meaning.


The color is determent by the frequency of the vibration, and the vibration is an effect of the pressure the particle is under. And the pressure is caused by the position the particle has compared to the center where the difference with heaven comes together. If the particle is standing south, then it vibrates faster because it’s trying hard to get back up, this is why it’s colored red. If it’s standing north, then the frequency is lot lower, because it’s standing forward and isn’t as fast, this lower vibration gives a blue color. If it’s standing east, it’s again a different tension and is colored green.

And the position of a particle, of everything that is, doesn’t just determine the color, but its whole character. Because everything that is, takes one of the five positions. From the center where the polarity between matter and heaven aligns, you can go up or down or west or east. Together with the center itself it makes five positions. Every other position gives another tension and character. The polarity with heaven is fully dominant, it is the way the universe works. Nothing can just go stand anywhere, it’s standing in complete difference and under pressure with heaven. It can stand on the south or north or east or west or the center, seen from the center of the particle itself. And this counts for the first quarks, for atoms, for molecules, for cells, for plants, for animals, for humans, for whole planets.  5elemetns-engels1.4The polarity between matter and heaven defines everything. The difference between a pig or a sheep has a reason, the pig is placed north like water, the sheep is standing south like fire. The characteristics and the shape and statue of the animal or plant or matter are mirrored from its position like above in the picture. It is no coincidence that a horse looks like a horse, or a snake like a snake. The shapes and species are reflection of the position they take inside heaven. The geometrics of existence, standing in polarity with heaven. And yes, this is Taoism, like you may have recognized already. The discovery of how the universe works isn’t new, the old Chinese already wrote it down 2500 years ago. I discovered it by myself though and stumbled on fact it’s exact same model as Taoism. I will address Taoism here

Another example that explains itself with this model are snowflakes.

beautiful-snowflakes-wallpapers 05

The crystal structure of snowflakes are a clear example of the polarity between matter and heaven. Science has no clue what shapes these crystals, when the answer is so obvious. The snowflakes totally stand out from heaven and the crystal structure is a ‘print’ of that polarity. Though a scientist might say it’s because of the hydrogen bonds, but the hydrogen bonds are also an effect of this polarity.

 origiinlife1Back to the evolution of matter. First I’ve explained the big bang and atoms with the physical forces and a few random things that clearly show the universe being a polarity. All behavior of matter can be explained with the fact that it stands in difference from heaven. The goal of matter is to find stability, because its entire mass stands in polarity. That’s why it becomes as tiny as possible, moves like madness and leans against others to find stability. Next bigger and bigger atoms are formed, by the pressure within big stars. Big stars which get created by gravity. Everything clutters together by the pressure with heaven. It takes billions of years before planets are formed where things can get even more in balance. The atoms form molecules and the pressure with heaven becomes less and less imminent. The molecules reach such a stability, that they become more free and can start themselves to build a higher balance.

stocdna1.2‘Dead’ matter comes to life. Another mystery science can’t answer. How in the hell is it possible that dead matter, dead rocks, dead molecules start moving all a sudden? The solution is that those molecules never been dead, all matter, all that IS, is alive. Except that those atoms and molecules are still too low on the ladder of balance and don’t have enough freedom. They still stand under pressure from heaven and will have to find a better balance first, before they become free from that pressure and can start to move themselves. The quarks and protons and neutrons lean against each other and find stability this way, the more stable, the more freedom they gain. Everything that IS, lives by definition. Even worse, everything that IS, has a conscious. All matter, including rocks and oxygen atoms have a conscious. The BEING is the conscious itself. You are conscious that you are opposite to not being, and this is exactly the structure of the entire universe. Being opposite to not being, as two entities that make up the whole universe. And out comes the being, standing in total polarity with the not being. Gets divided and slowed down and pressed into atoms. The immaterial being/not being is actually the consciousness itself, it is what gives life to everything.

firstcellsThe molecules form strings that work like a blueprint to arrange new molecules the same way and build things this way. You get the living cell with everything in and on it. Where it first was a single particle shooting into every direction, it found balance and the freedom to expand this balance.


Evolution is no coincidence, it has an exact goal to reach a higher and higher balance. A geometrical balance of being inside the field of not being. Theoretically as experiment you could take a field and place something inside that stands in total polarity with it. Then you would get the same as what happened in our universe maybe, the something will make itself as tiny as possible, move like madness and lean and clutter together. Having the same physic forces as in our universe, as it’s really just one big polarity, going through the same evolution, in theory. I predict that on the other side of the cosmos, if the circumstances are about the same as on earth, that you would have big chance to find about the same species of plants and animals as on the earth. Because the same geometrical laws of stability count in the whole universe. You will not find a crazy animal with three eyes, because heaven determines that everything becomes stable. From atom to human, the goal is a more stable creature.


Evolution is not a survival of the fittest with random DNA mutations, from which the most suited survives. Evolution follows an exact line, a line of getting a higher and higher balance. Matter is being forced to calm down more and more and reach stability, simply because it’s standing literally in polarity with heaven.

 couple_on_beachEventually you wind up with the same that started the universe, being and not being, the man and a woman. What comes out as a giant amount of matter that embodies the ‘beingness’ and stands in total polarity with the ‘not being’, you wind up after billion years of evolution to the human level, where the man is the being and the woman the not being. The universe appears to be an ‘Omni-Creative balance’. The man and woman together are capable to produce children and just like that heaven gives birth to new matter. There is no God and you don’t need complex math to explain the cosmos. The answer lays right at the surface and is very simple and is a balance.