Unification, or rather the explanation on how the universe works appears to be not new. You can find it back in ancient old Chinese writings from wise men known to everyone like Confucius or Loa Tzu. They describe already how everything consists of being and not being, matter and heaven. And how you have to stick to the right middle in life, because the right path is what is in balance. And they are much better as it as me, except it was 2500 years ago and now no one anymore sees that Taoism is actually the way the universe works. Humans think it is an interesting philosophy, but not a science. Because science must have checked it long ago, if you can explain all behavior of matter by placing it in difference with heaven. No, that’s way too obvious and others have checked that, right? Unification and how the cosmos works must be extremely difficult and of course new, could never be a model that is already old, otherwise science would be seriously embarrassed.

But Taoism is pure science, the geometrics of being, surrounded by not being. Science will find out about it and be stupefied. The difference is though that 2500 years ago there was still so much to discover. They might have known how the cosmos works, they didn’t know anything yet about atoms or bacteria or electricity. And science dived into the details, forgotten about the simplicity at the surface and even made the workings of the universe to such a highly inflated thing, that no one even dares to challenge it anymore, let alone think the final answer could be a balance. Until an outsider came along with an objective view checking things on his own.

 lao-tse confucius



Two texts as example from the two underestimated Chinese wise men 2500 years ago. This is not philosophy, this is literally physics, and this is how the universe works. Both talk about the path of everything underneath heaven. Everything obeys to the reign of heaven. This is their core principle and their whole wisdom turns around that law of nature and next they tell how people have to stick to certain behavior to bring themselves and the environment in balance and harmony. People in 2014 still think it are fun wisdoms, but they don’t see it is literally the way the universe works. All our physical laws and science fit straight onto the Taoist texts. Matter stands literally in difference from heaven, that’s why it’s under pressure and moves. This is E=mc2, energy is caused by this polarity, the whole mass stands in difference from heaven, the nothingness, the void and thus the mass is equal to the energy. The tension is caused by this difference. On and on, see ‘Unification Complete’. Confucius describes how a human gets in balance with heaven by the right behavior and reaches harmony and next can arrange his own family and even the whole country. This is pure science and still unsurpassed. All behavior of matter gets explained by the difference with heaven, a simple polarity.