Our capitalism is based on science having no idea how life works, it’s based on fear really. It’s a competition because that’s the least working model and communism failed because it’s a bad dictatorship.

Working through the video, you find the conclusion that capitalism really doesn’t work and is destroying the planet, you can’t run a competition based on greed. The solution is stability, turning around a planet of greed into a planet of unselfish sharing. Which of course isn’t going to happen just like that.

I think we first need to move from a material world into a spiritual word, by having explained and dissolved the material world. Then people can calm down and learn material things aren’t that important. Then it be easier to give up capitalism and work together for the collective goal. Automation will help a lot and create more stability. The economy has a final goal of supplying everyone with what they need in the most efficient way, and this is not only possible but needed for the next stage to create a stable planet and make everyone happy.

Unification in physics, proving the Cosmos is a balance can change the structure of society and the economy, showing how the Universe is a balance and society is supposed to be stable. It opens up the road to a higher goal as just a competition about material wealth, it can end the anxiety of not knowing the borders and the goal of mankind. When the world can become aware of the structure and the goal of life, then it be a lot easier to work together for the benefit of all on a clean and stable planet.