Heaven Wallpapenew1

With heaven I don’t mean the biblical terms of heaven and hell, where you supposedly go after you die. With heaven I mean the sky above and everywhere around us. The empty air, the vacuum, the void everywhere around with the matter in it. Heaven as they used to call it, when they were actually giving it meaning. It isn’t total emptiness without a substance, it is actually made of something. So it isn’t nothingness, it is the ‘not being’. It is the female half of the cosmos, made of some kind of material. And science has discovered this too, the nothingness is actually made of some kind of substance, the void consists of particles. And they call it the ‘Higgs field’ with ‘Higgs boson’ particles, that give mass to matter. Science still doesn’t see that this heaven field explains all behavior of matter and gives unification. Place heaven next to matter and you understand all its behavior. Because matter stands in total difference with it and can’t avoid it, it totally adapts to it. That’s why it makes itself as tiny as possible and moves like madness and looks for a higher and higher balance and follows the entire evolution from atom up to us humans. The recognition of heaven, the female entity, explains all behavior of matter and completes the picture, just like man and woman on human level are also complete and capable of creating new children themselves. This makes the universe an Omni-Creative balance. Just like the Taoists already claimed long ago and continue quoted heaven to explain the behavior of everything.

  • Heaven is the old name for the void all around us
  • Heaven is the female side of the cosmos and explains all behavior of matter, as matter stands in total polarity with it

The empty air around us is an actual field, it isn’t empty

Heaven, the void is the female side of the cosmos and the solid matter is the male side

The void explains all behavior of matter as it stands in total polarity with it