Unification doesn’t limit itself to physics alone, if you understand what causes gravity and magnetism, then you understand the whole universe at once because it is all the same, a balance. A polarity between matter and heaven that forces matter to reach a balance. nature-hd-background-9233Nature is certainly not a law of the strongest with random DNA mutations with the most suiting surviving. This is very shortsighted, it only sees a one sided outcome without seeing the underlying structure. It is however one of the first theories of one of the first researches of evolution 150 years ago.

To understand evolution you have to include all of it, starting with the first particles. Because the first particle already has the same goal as an human on our stage of evolution and that is to find balance. Because matter is standing in total polarity with the field of heaven around and that’s why it exploded in the big bang and that’s why it moves around like madness and can’t stand still and that’s why it needs to find stability. The polarity with heaven forces matter to evolve into more complex organism, into more stable structures. Upto a point where matter becomes that stable that the pressure from the polarity is no longer imminent and they actually become that stable, that they become ‘free’. At this moment when the circumstances are stable too, the molecule can come ‘alive’, it can start moving and work on it’s own evolution of creating a better and better balance. The miracle of life isn’t a miracle and doesn’t take a spark or something that enlightens it with life. Matter was alive already, it never been dead, it just wasn’t stable enough. Matter is standing under constant pressure from the polarity with heaven and can’t move itself, not until it finds stability against other particles. The big question on what causes life has been solved, matter is alive already, just not stable enough yet. Living molecules will build a better and better balance, going through the long evolution of cells and plants and animals to humans.

Evolution isn’t a coincidence, it is a geometric effect of matter standing in polarity with heaven. It is forced to grow into a higher and higher balance, it has to. Even the species are no coincidence, if you would find live on another planet on the other side of the cosmos that has about the same conditions, then you’ll find about the same kind of animals and plants, with eventually the human as the most stable form of existence.

It’s a geometrical reason that animals and plants look the way they do, from matter standing in difference with heaven. It is forced to become round and symmetrical and eventually as stable as possible.

  • Nature is not a survival of the fittest with random DNA mutations
  • Evolution is tightly guided because matter stands in polarity with heaven
  • A planet on the other side of the universe with same conditions will probably have the same kind of animals and plants
  • Life is not a miracle, matter was alive already, just not stable enough yet

How can a stone evolve into a mouse?

Is life a random chaos with the most successful surviving?