Unification fits on everything except…..

Unification really fits on everything, all of nature and science. It explains why you have hair on your head or why you have five fingers or why the sun burns or why the moon Is round. It explains how many stars there are or why electrons are that tiny. It explains why you have two hands or a spider six legs or why a bird has four toes. It explains why stuff falls on the floor or why water is transparent or why metals are shiny. It explains why a goat is like a goat or a monkey like a monkey or a hippo like a hippo. It explains all behavior of matter and the shapes and movements and colors and characters. Unification fits on everything, really on everything except on……..the expectations of unification. Because how the universe works is ridiculously simple, it is simpler as a circle being a circle and a square being a square. This dot . stands in difference from the background, the difference causes tension and that’s why the dot, or the particle makes itself as tiny as possible and moves really fast and leans against others and follows the billions of years of evolution to find a higher and higher balance. This incredible simple is how the universe works, a stupid simple polarity between two entities. And this doesn’t resemble the unimaginable heavy expectations of Grand Unification. How do you unify gravity with magnetism? Impossible, the human brain just isn’t intelligent enough! The smartest professors can’t find unification, really super smart people, one after the other been looking for centuries and they can’t find the solution. The whole world goes to school now and learns physics and math and all kinds of science for years to study on. And these school kids don’t understand anything of the complex math and physics them professors at the universities use. Let alone that any of them school kids, let alone unschooled or low-schooled people even dare to dream they could ever understand the universe. No, that is only for really clever professors. And that is how our society has grown into a state of mind thinking the truth is impossible and that we have to be modest and work very hard. But the truth is very simple and anyone can understand it, it fits on everything but not on the heavy expectations science has created.