Maybe the most difficult subject, psychology, the mental illnesses. From depressions to people who really lost control and spend their days in the nuthouse. Psychiatrists talk endlessly with patients and give them pills to correct their behavior. Sometimes they even give them electric shock therapy, this still happens. And again science sees everything flat and doesn’t see the layers. Science sees what’s wrong with people and gives it a name, from psychotic to ADD to bipolar and treatment consists of medication. But is anyone ever cured? Is there ever even a cause found?

Abstract design made of cutout of male head and symbolic elements on the subject of human mind, consciousness, imagination, science and creativity

Abstract design made of cutout of male head and symbolic elements on the subject of human mind, consciousness, imagination, science and creativity

Again science shuts out the causes, because it is too simple. The simple causes don’t resemble the gigantic problems as effect. And the scientist thinks everything is material. Someone that is psychotic or whatever, is because of a chemical problem in the brain. Pills are needed to restore the chemical balance.

Now you know unification in physics, now you know how the cosmos works, now all behavior of matter is explained, it all aligns together in your own conscious. And your own conscious, is immaterial, the being standing inside the not being. ‘Psychiatrist’ means doctor of the ‘Psyche’, but science denies the existence of the immaterial psyche. Science claims everything is material and if you claim to be a spirit that lives on after death, then you’re nuts. Psychiatry is the science that denies the existence of the psyche.

The solution is that we are immaterial entities, which can get stuck in time and space on the matter. And you can talk as much you like and use as much violence, you won’t be able to get the person out again. Talking is no use because what the person is stuck in has rendered him unconscious also. He or she can’t even see what they are stuck in. It’s a mechanism of several layers, of cause and effect. Because what happens when you damage a person? If you shock someone hard enough, then the person won’t be able to divert it and will turn unconscious and literally copy that from what he lost, to secure his survival. From that moment the person is stuck and lost a moment of his consciousness and his life energy and intelligence, the spirit is blocked in time and space on the body.

The solution is to lift people back up. Taking off the pressure that much so what is stuck comes up until the conscious can see again what happened. It will be a feeling like everything comes back and breaks open, life energy returns and guilt and unconscious dissolve. This is real and it is 100% technical, it is geometrics of the immaterial spirit that is stuck in a 3D world on the body and blocks the mental capability as well the physical. But this is difficult, very difficult because the pressure from the outside world is extreme. You have to get the feeling of security and safety before problems are even allowed at all. Someone can act really dramatic or suffer great pain, but the cause can be really small en not correspond with the dramatic effects at all. So you have to create an atmosphere that is fully objective and open to whatever. It should be illegal to guess someone’s problem beforehand. Like someone never had a father and is very insecure in life cause of that. This is wrong and doesn’t solve anything and excludes the cause and solution of the problem. The patient that never known his dad, realized it at a certain moment and experienced a moment of ‘shock’ of loss. Maybe when he heard that other kids do have a father and that everyone has a father, so why doesn’t he have one? He can lose himself at that moment and to survive take another identity. An exact conclusion is drawn, something happened that moment and he ‘lost’, he turned unconscious and became blocked. You can never know beforehand what happened exactly until you lift the person up and make him re-experience the moment and solve the block. It could appear that the cause was very simple, very small, but still with such heavy consequences. This is technical, fully technical, the geometrics of being in a 3D space, which gets entangled. And the solution and approach of the problem are fully technical also.

  •  Mental problems, illnesses are caused by blocks of the immaterial spirit in physical time and space on the body, the person is stuck and can’t access his own consciousness anymore.
  • The solution is to take the pressure off and bring the person back up. Instead of blaming the patient and suppress problems, acknowledge and allow problems to being brought up, until the block dissolves and the person regains consciousness.