Cosmos is a polarity

Polarity, two things that stand in opposition and don’t mix.

Dictionary: ‘A state in which two ideas, opinions, etc., are completely opposite or very different from each other.’

Like fire and water, north and south, plus and min, republicans and democrats, you name it, almost everything is a polarity. But you can unify all these sub polarities with one giant polarity explaining the whole cosmos and giving grand unification. Namely into matter and the void, the biggest polarity possible. Take all solid matter, the tables, the walls, the ground, the trees, the atoms, everything that is made of solid particles and place this in difference with the empty air. Then all the mass of matter stands with all its mass in difference, in polarity with the void…and this polarity causes tension, huge tension. And with this tension you can explain why the matter blew up in the big bang and why the matter split up in incredible tiny particles and why they move like madness. It’s all because the matter doesn’t mix with the void and the void is a real field, it isn’t meaningless emptiness. The matter stands for ‘being’ and the void stands for ‘not being’, two separate entities that cover everything.

Now you can unify physics, as every force is being caused by this polarity, but also explain the whole evolution of matter that seeks a higher and higher balance. As the matter standing out in the void, is being forced to create a balance with itself. It leans against other particles and forms a higher and higher balance and this takes billions and billions of years upto us humans. We are the end product of matter standing in polarity with the void and seeking a higher and higher balance. The human body is a geometrical balance of matter standing out in the void. And the man stands for being and the woman stands for not being, two opposites that cover all there is, the same thing as what started the cosmos.

For some reason the cosmos got split up into one big polarity, which suggests that above the physical universe this polarity of male and female is united again as one. They say it split up in a polarity to come to learn to know itself, we know light by knowing darkness and we know good by knowing bad. Cosmos is exploring itself and learning to know itself says Teal Swan and other guru’s.