‘I’ve got unification’ These words sound as great as shocking, no one believes you. Grand unification in science, it’s just impossible because for hundreds if not thousands of years people have been searching for the answer. How does the universe work? Is there a God? Is the human even capable with its limited intelligence to comprehend the universe? All assumptions shared throughout society for thousands of years and show any of these people actual unification and they will walk away, because the truth won’t fit their expectations.


Unification is the biggest ‘anti-climax’ ever, because the expectations have grown beyond all proportions. You have to be a mathematical genius to understand all the complex equations from the professors, professors that are expected to be at the front edge of wisdom. So if you already can’t figure out them equations, why bother even questioning the answer to the universe?


Though, the mistake everyone makes, is assuming that unification is supposed to be complex. Add with that the weight of the whole world, because if you would find unification, then you would be the most special human being on earth! So no one in the world even dreams anymore they could be able to figure out the cosmos. In meanwhile the world continued to grow and society became more and more complex, so complicated that it really is excluded now that the universe could be simple.

But I wasn’t looking for unification, so I didn’t have those problems. I was looking for something real, there had to be something real in a world around me that seemed to have lost the way. And I found it, only later I realized it was also unification in physics and the whole worldwide weight came with it. Problem since is that if I show unification to people, right away you’re a suspect of ‘Who do you think you are?’ And second problem is that unification is that childish simple, that no one takes it seriously. So that’s why this website, at least I got it pinned down somewhere and people can figure out themselves if the cosmos really is that simple as I claim it is. First and foremost it is about unification in physics, it is impeccable, it fits like a glove also on all the other laws and behaviors. Next to that, you can solve about every other scientific problem with this and unify science with spirit.