The brilliance of the universe

The brilliance of the universe. Now you know how the universe works, a polarity between being and not being, it reveals how genius it is. It just can’t be simpler, take a bucket of ‘being’ and ‘not being’ as two ingredients and throw them into the universe and look what happens. You’ll get the big bang and the whole evolution with our great nature and diversity and splendor. It’s so terrible ingenious simple put together and it’s so obvious and just. And there is none who emptied those two buckets, being and not being cover everything already, there is no God above it. What an immeasurable brilliant and intelligent system and we are in the middle of it, our own conscious is this being inside not being, inside a physical body of being standing in heaven which is the not being. And behind it probably lays an even more simpler and more obvious something, cycles within cycles. An infinitive system with immeasurable intelligence.