Is Earth the dumbest planet?

Is earth the dumbest planet in the universe? Now you know how incredible simple the cosmos is, you also know how stupid we are. Our entire society is build on the search for truth, a truth none supposedly can find. A truth which is supposedly incredible complex, because the smartest professors can’t find it. So it has to be extremely complicated, because if it was simple, then they would have discovered it, right?

Absolutely not , truth is really dumb simple and the fact that science skips simplicity has made our society the stupidest ever. The final truth is a balance, just like between a man and a woman, but science still looking today in the year 2014, for a truth that should sit at the end of a road. Option truth being a balance is excluded, let alone it coming together inside of yourself, truth has to lay outside. What else are you a scientist for, you’re looking after something aren’t you? And everyone trusts these scientists, they are really supersmart, do you understand that math?

This has made earth the most extreme planet ever, because everything has gone out of control. We’re are capable to build jumbo jets and fighterjets, but don’t see what causes gravity. We’re all involved in some sort of competition over the whole planet, who has the most money or who is the smartest or strongest, all because we don’t know the final answer is a balance. It could be anything, so let’s compete to be sure we’re doing the right thing! And this has really grown on us, everyone is really competing everyone, all nations against all nations, it is truly madness. And none sees the source of all this misery is science refusing to see the universe being a balance.

And I’m not the only one, if you want an objective view of the earth, then you should ask the extraterrestrials. In goal of mankind Aliens describe how the earth is about the most extreme they ever encountered. Never they seen such a divided planet with such a level of discriminations. And Bashar calls us ‘masters of limitation’. We limit and border ourselves to the extreme and next duel each other within those limits. And how the earth is the only planet in the universe where humans believe in a God, a God that doesn’t exist and stands separated from themselves above them.

You now know unification and now you know how incredible stupid we been to never see it before and how our entire society has gone out of hand. Because the universe is a balance, but because science refuses to see, is our society far from a balance, as Bashar says: Earth is the steepest planet. And he tells about the catapult effect, that even though we are far behind into the dark, when we do come to see the light, we be launched far into the light like a catapult.

  • Earth is the most extreme planet in the universe, no other gone that far off in its own narrow vision, without seeing the simple truth at the surface
  • Earth is the most divided planet between rich and poor, smart and stupid, big and small countries, etc.
  • No other planet in the universe has inhibits believing in a non existing God