I used to think also that the paranormal was an hoax, just like so many people still today that never experienced it and can’t explain it anywhere in their mind. Mediums that talk to the dead, someone bending spoons or predicting the future, they are all charlatans. But by living life and becoming more and more sure, I became paranormal myself. telepatiaThere is a point within yourself that has no time or space, you just are. And how stronger this gets, the more paranormal you become. It supersedes the material world of mass, time and space. It is the world of immaterial being itself. Take for example a thought and hold it, without side thoughts and make it stronger, now you can send that thought somewhere, on earth or to someone who passed away. That thought could connect with that person and he could send a thought back. If this doesn’t work, then it is because you’re working with energy that has to stand on its own and can’t be mixed with other thoughts or doubts. You can send this energy, with your will power and that’s what they call paranormal.

Prove should actually be quite simple and there have to be millions of people who are paranormal and could show it, from talking with dead people to making things move or leaving their own bodies. And there is prove, piles of it, but science and people who never experienced the paranormal themselves, shut it out. There is a book called ‘The Field’ by Lynne Mctaggart’ which is packed with scientific proven tests of the paranormal. Maybe when unification comes out and people understand the material world, they become ready for the immaterial world behind it. You don’t have to wait if you’re curious, you can research it yourself and visit a medium or go to the library and get some books, the shelves are full with them. There is a whole world above the material, it doesn’t end with the physical, it are cycles within cycles. Science will see unification one day and with unification you come back where there is no time or space or mass, there where everything is one. There where also your own conscious sits and with insight and control we all become paranormal one day in the future. Thoughts will become so clear, that words are no longer needed, the thoughts will just be send straight to the other, who will receive it more clear than words ever been able to.

    • There is a pile of evidence that the paranormal is real, that we are immaterial entities and can exist without a body. Still a gap between science and the paranormal, the paranormal can be proven but science ignores it and sticks to matter only.
    • Everyone can research it themselves and visit for example a known psychic

Anyone can visit a known psychic person and find proof that the paranormal is real, they will use the immaterial field of spirit. They might not understand it though, until they learn they are an immaterial spirit themselves