If you think it’s normal that people and nations compete each other over who has the most money, then you are mistaken. Like we are born to race each other over who can become the most rich. And since the nineties this actually has become mainstream. When before it was everyone together for a better world, it totally turned into opposite direction and it been everyone for themselves and money is the final goal. stockmarket022Governments gave away responsibility and privatized everything, everyone suddenly had to compete each other, because that was more efficient. Communism in Russia vanished and capitalism took over. The whole world evolves around money now. The scary thing is that you don’t hear a sound anywhere of what would be the correct system, is there even an ideal system? Is the choice between capitalism and communism everything there is? Capitalism is just the law of the strongest, the most brutal standing up front grabs all the money, when the noble at the bottom is busy cleaning for minimum wage, how could this ever be right? And communism seams to be a dictatorship where people are poor and can’t even leave the country, when in meantime the leaders live in luxury. What would be a right economic system?

Now you know unification in physics, you know how the universe works, a polarity between matter and heaven. Matter is being forced to reach a balance. And now you know this, you can also look at our society, because it is based on the idea that there is no truth and when there is no truth then the law of the strongest is the minimal way of existence. Capitalism is nothing but an indirect effect on how science sees nature, a chaos with the law of strongest as evolution tool. Our society is a mirror of how science sees the universe, dangerous and without structure or purpose and chaos with law of strongest as survival mechanism. Science had no idea how the cosmos is put together, no clue whatsoever. Could be a God that made it in seven days, half of mankind still believes that, in a God.

I’ve shown that the universe has an exact structure, everything is filled and everything is cause and effect with total logic. And the goal is a balance, so our economy should have the same goal. The goal of an economy is to supply everyone with material goods, so they are fulfilled from that need. It isn’t capitalistic or communistic, it’s an universal economy that fits on the laws of the cosmos. The eventual ideal economy is one where everything is atomized and the people only work minimal time with a stable economy. No more distinction between people anymore and everyone earns about the same. With that crime vanishes, because the need to steal or rob people has no more ground. And with that you no longer need police or courtrooms or prisons. The economy is fully aimed at lifting the welfare of people in the most efficient way. An economy with purpose. I direct you to the book ‘ Cosmic Integration’ on page ‘Goal of mankind’ for a detailed explanation.

  • Our economy is a mirror of how science sees nature, a law of the strongest in a chaos
  • Because you can proof that the cosmos is a balance with unification, the law of strongest economy ends
  • Goal of economy is to fulfill all people in their material needs, when that is achieved, you get a social stable planet without crime

We have a law of the strongest economy, because that’s the way our scientists see nature

The goal of an economy is to supply everyone with what they need materialistically

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