Question 1

What causes strong nuclear force?

Question 2

Why is an atom so tiny?

Question 3

What gives a snowflake its crystal structure?

Question 4

What causes particles to move?

Question 5

What causes magnetism?

Question 6

Why does a pen fall on the floor

Question 7

Why does matter decay?

Question 8

Why is the earth round?

Question 9

What causes symmetry, like your own body is symmetrical

Unification, it means that you can explain all phenomenons with the same thing

The problem with unification is that everyone been to school and expects the universe to be really complex and this is heavily grounded in their believe system

But that’s why none could find unification, cause they all thought it to be really complex and excluded the simplicity with it at the surface coming together in your own self

Test yourself if you can explain the whole universe by just splitting it into one big polarity, try a dozen things on it before it comes to dawn on you, that this fits and might be truth