There is no death, death doesn’t exist, the human isn’t made of matter, human is an immaterial entity which leaves the body once it’s broken beyond repair.
I remember looking outside of the window as a child and thinking when I’m dead, then everything ends. When I’ll be dead, I’ll nolonger exist, my memory will be gone and everything I see now and perceive, will nolonger exist for me. Death is death and everything ends, like a light that turns off, finished..gone, completely. I tried to comprehend this as a kid, it was a scary thought, but this is what society taught me and knew for sure. So you think if that is true, then I better do my best in this life, because there is no other.

Because science is the master and tells us we are a materialistic body of living cells, with thoughts being created in our brains and when our body stops, then life ends, we’ll be dead forever. The only way to sustain life is to get new children, who give birth to new children themselves and so on, you pass on the DNA and life itself.

After I found unification I went to look further and once after a long walk I was happy to return to my camping site and received the insight that death doesn’t exist. The material word is an outcome, an effect of the immaterial world and the material world might be dynamic and change constantly and things die and get born, the immaterial world behind it remains indestructible. And that night I was listening to the radio while I realized there had to be spirits around me seeing me and right at that moment a spirit entered the radio and made its presence known. I was terrified by the sound it made, never have I heard such a sharp voice, there wasn’t a trace of pity or remorse or doubt in it, it was chocking. I was right though, I received the proof, there is no death.

And after this incident I’ve had several other experiences with spirits and continue to do so. When my grandfather had died, I was laying in bed and thinking who he was, when I saw it, I felt a hand on my side, the hand felt more real as a hand made of flesh. And I also seem to have a spirit guide on my side, like everyone else apparently. Once I asked it if it was there and I felt my ear being tickled, I could actually sense the layers between physical world and spiritual world. Sometimes I can see the shades of spirits and I’ve noticed how they make things happen in my life.

The problem is rather that I live in a tight suppressive violent world, that leaves no room for the finer subtleness where everything is safe and truth and divine. But that’s actually where the spirits are and you have to be open for it, which is hard. You have to feel safe and free and positive, so you can open up to higher finer realms.

Some people are really good at it and I’ve visited such a paranormal person, I’ve witnessed how he stood outside his body and I could see him…as a spirit.

There is overwhelming evidence proving there is no death, you can leave your body and your consciousness and memory and everything stays the same being outside your body. YOU keep existing without a body. The experience might be different, because you’re in a different dimension, the physical word becomes subjective, it’s beneath the spiritual world. There are plenty books written about it, like Micheal Newton ‘Journey of souls’ and ‘Destiny of souls’. An academic researcher placing people under hypnosis and make them talk about the afterlife. One by one, case after case, they tell exactly what happens after you die. What kind of lives they had inbetween lives and the lives they lived before this present life. How they lived hundreds of lives. I remember one case where a person tells how it took him 4000 years in physical world to overcome jealousy. Time is apparently not an issue in spirit world. Also am I watching this reality tv series of ‘Long Island Medium’, a psychic mom that talks to everyone she meets and gives them messages from their ‘dead’ relatives on the other side. There is just an abundance of proof, there is absolutely no death, physical life is merely a day in the cycle of immaterial existence.

I’m not expert on the spiritual, others are much more experienced. But I do have unification and can unify science with spirit. The physical world is explained with my unification and it leaves nothing but the immaterial world behind it. May science gain the insight of the fact that we are infinitive creatures. So the hype and anxiety ends and science starts to focus on improving life on earth.

There is no death, because consciousness and who we are is an immaterial entity that has no time or space or mass, sitting inside the body and physical world