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Cosmos is a polarity

Polarity, two things that stand in opposition and don’t mix. Dictionary: ‘A state in which two ideas, opinions, etc., are completely opposite or very different from each other.’ Like fire and water, north and south, plus and min, republicans and democrats, you name it, almost everything is a polarity. But you can unify all these […]

If you still don’t get it

Split the universe into two parts, in matter and the empty vacuum en place these two opposite to each other. This way the whole universe becomes one big polarity between matter and the vacuum. The difference causes tension and this tension you find back in all the physic laws. This is Grand Unification, science didn’t […]

Yes, it is that simple

I try to explain unification to people, but getting it actually across is hard, very hard. Because people cannot accept that unification is that simple. People carry the deep assumption that the way the universe works is supposed to be hard, very hard. Even the most smartest professors cannot find the answer, for centuries and […]

Sanity back on Earth with Grand Unification

How long has mankind been searching for the truth? How long already are we trying to find out where we’re coming from, where we going, who or what created this entire universe? How many people still believe in a God, how long ago did about everyone believe in a God? Like someone with a beard […]

Theory of Everything

When you can unify physics then you can explain all of the universe right away because nature didn’t split everything up, science did. Nature is ruled by one and the same thing, the giant polarity of being and not being, matter and heaven, man and woman. This is the theory of everything, this is how […]

The brilliance of the universe

The brilliance of the universe. Now you know how the universe works, a polarity between being and not being, it reveals how genius it is. It just can’t be simpler, take ‘being’ and ‘not being’ as two ingredients and throw them into the universe and look what happens. You’ll get the big bang and the […]

Unification fits on everything except…..

Unification really fits on everything, all of nature and science. It explains why you have hair on your head or why you have five fingers or why the sun burns or why the moon Is round. It explains how many stars there are or why electrons are that tiny. It explains why you have two […]

Is Earth the dumbest planet?

Is Earth the dumbest planet in the universe? Now you know how incredible simple the cosmos is, you also know how stupid we are. Our entire society is built on the search for truth, a truth no one supposedly can find. A truth which is supposedly incredible complex, because the smartest professors can’t find it. […]