Are there aliens? Many people will declare you crazy right away, especially scientists. Thought it’s exactly them who should know how big the universe is and if we exist here on earth, then there should a chance of life elsewhere? I think it was Steven Hawkins, the number one scientist on earth, that said if there be Aliens, they probably wouldn’t be friendly.Flying_Saucer Well, just as he doesn’t know how the cosmos works, he doesn’t know anything about Aliens either. Because if Aliens would be evil, then they would have self-destructed themselves on their own planet, before they been able to travel space. Because to travel space you need such highly advanced technology and you have to master the physical laws, that only highly developed stable civilizations are able to achieve that. And such civilizations are not arrogant or evil, on the contrary.

Just as much I didn’t know about spirits or life after death, I didn’t know anything about Aliens either. But I did learn how to know that I’m sure, how to know that I know. The experience is real and doubt or faith are no part of it, independent from what everyone else claims. That’s how I seen enlightenment, how the universe works and extracted grand unification from it. This is how I discovered the paranormal and I went to see about the Aliens. Starting with the book ‘Cosmic Integration’, the most amazing book ever, with about all answers. A two-day interview with actual Aliens, happened in Holland in 1969. The best book I ever read, because it answers about all questions except unification, but even hints strong on it. It gives insight on the goal of mankind, how to grow up and become stable, so we be allowed to integrate into the cosmos. This book is on the page ‘Goal of Mankind’, read it online or download the pdf file.

So yes there are Aliens and also many species from different planets, we are not alone. They even speak with us, they even speak a lot, like Bashar

        •  Since I know there are Aliens and they explain about everything, I’m being flooded with information. All the answers just exist and thanks to this website, unification now also.There are aliens around the earth and they’ve made contact already and there are piles of evidence. The Aliens wait for the earth to become grown up, until we are stable, then they will come down. According Bashar this will be around 2030.

“Carry on playing with your Mars ‘probes for the moment, as half of your world’s population lives in poverty and hunger. The only information you need lies in the field of societal standards”


“The cosmic isolation of an intelligent race can only be lifted when the minimum culture level has been reached, that we call social stability”